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WSBE17 Hong Kong & iiSBE AGM活動參訪
Participation in WSBE17 Hong Kong & iiSBE meeting
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  為繼續推動祐生國際化的理念,關切全球永續建築領域之各項進展,今年再次組團於2017年6月4日至6月9日間,由iiSBE理事暨社團法人台灣永續建築環境促進會顧問的黃晉英秘書長擔任團長,率領該會理事長蘇慶華教授及成員戴永禔先生、王文安先生、周伯丞先生、李讃虔先生、蕭睿麟先生及王文安先生的指導學生董思偉先生共8人,前往香港參加三年一度的世界永續建築環境(WSBE17 Hong Kong)及iiSBE會議。因為外在環境變化對居住環境有絕對的影響,所以本屆會議特別將"居住環境"納入討論議題之內,於是在WSB之後多了E,使得討論的議題範圍更為擴大。
  To continuously promote the internationalization of Archilife and express concerns about the global development of topics relating to sustainable building (SB), we participated in the triennial WSBE17 & iiSBE meeting held in Hong Kong from June 4-9, 2017, with Secretary General Huang Chin-ying, an iiSBE director and advisor of TSSBE (Taiwan Society of Sustainable Built Environment) as the leader, leading a delegation of eight TSSBE members, including Chairperson Prof. Su Ching-hua and members: Mr. Day Yeong-tyi, Mr. Wang Wen-an, Mr. Chou Po-cheng, Mr. Li Tsan-chien, Mr. Hsiao Ruey-lin, and Mr. Dong Shi-wei, a research student under the supervision of Mr. Wang Wen-an. While the external environmental changes and the living environment are two sides of the same coin, "living environment" has become a conference topic. By adding Environment (E) to World Sustainable Building (WSB), the scope of discussions have extended accordingly.
  Although the organizers, Construction Industry Council (CIC) and Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), cancelled the two sessions promised, at 10:20 am on June 4, 2017, the delegation took the EVA Air BR867 flight from Taoyuan International Airport and landed in Hong Kong at 12:35 pm in order to strengthen Taiwan's foundation that has been established in the WSBE circle. HKGBC Director Dr. Benny Chow Ka-ming picked us up in the Hong Kong International Airport lobby. After arriving at the accommodation hotel and settling down, Secretary General Huang took the delegation to Ngan Lung Restaurant to taste a famous local dish, Fresh Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup, to relieve the fatigue of travel for everyone.
  用完餐後,黃秘書長協同蘇慶華教授、戴永禔先生、周伯丞先生與蕭睿麟先生參加iiSBE會議,會前也把握機會與理事及會員們交流寒暄,以鞏固情誼。本次會議除了會務及2019~2020舉辦區域性會議的相關報告外,主要針對執行長Mr. Nils Larsson即將退休而進行一連串組織架構調整事宜進行討論及意見交換,而目前確定新增的地區執行理事則有紐澳地區的Mr. Greg Foliente以及歐洲地區的Mr. Andrea Moro。
  After the meal, Secretary General Huang, Prof. Su Ching-hua, Mr. Day Yeong-tyi, Mr. Chou Po-cheng, and Mr. Hsiao Ruey-lin went to The Harbourview Hong Kong to attend the iiSBE meeting. Before the meeting began, we took every opportunity to chat with directors and members to consolidate our friendship. Apart from reporting the iiSBE routine and regional conferences that will be held in 2019-2020, the organizational structure change after the retirement of CEO Mr. Nils Larsson was the focus of discussion and opinion exchange. Currently, new regional executive directors Mr. Greg Foliente of New Zealand and Australia and Mr. Andrea Moro of Europe have been confirmed.
  On the morning of June 5, Secretary General Huang took the delegation to attend the opening ceremony of WSBE17 Hong Kong. It lasted for three days with about 1,800 participants from 57 countries, attending 95 academic sessions. In addition to the keynotes, exhibitions and city tours, there were 480 papers for oral presentations and 52 papers for poster presentations. With the theme of "Transforming Our Built Environment through Innovation and Integration: Putting Ideas into Action", it focused on low energy buildings, ecological and environmental sustainability and living quality concerns.

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