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Sketch of Public Policy Communion, June 2017
責任編輯: cathy  發布日期 : 2017-07-16  點閱: 239 次     友善列印轉寄好友

  本會已於2017年6月18日假晶華酒店地下三樓晶英會舉行「祐生國政聯誼會」。在主持人黃晉英秘書長宣布後揭開當日活動序幕,在輕鬆、活潑的節目過後,隨即由主持人帶來重要訊息:「近日暴雨侵襲台灣各地,祐生恩梯特組亦持續針對氣候異變課題進行研究。林俊興董事長特別提醒大家「觀察」氣候的變化,於個人、社會與國家各層級都應研擬調適策略。另外,本次參與「WSBE17 Hong Kong」國際會議,會前雖遇許多突發狀況,但在與會成員的共同努力下,用台灣名義與會並圓滿的達成任務,將台灣在永續發展領域的成果向世界發表。最後,感謝大家在行前給予溫暖的提示與祝福,期待未來能有更多的機會凝聚共識,朝著祐生的理念邁進。」接著介紹新任知識執守者,分別為化學執守者歐人豪及遊藝執守者曾品璇小姐。
  The June Archilife Public Policy Communion of 2017 was held on June 18, 2017. After a series of relaxing and fun activities, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying made the following announcement, "Recently, heavy rain hit various parts of Taiwan, and Archilife Research Foundation NT Special Team has also continued to research the issue of climate change. Chairman Lin Chun-Hsing reminded everyone to "observe" the climate change and formulate coping strategies at personal, social and national levels. In addition, in view of the participation in "WSBE17 Hong Kong" International Conference, despite the unexpected situations prior to the conference, the task was successfully completed with the efforts of the members present. Finally, I would like to extend gratitude to everyone for their warm reminders and blessings prior to the trip, and I look forward to more opportunities to gather consensus and head towards Archilife's ideology." Later on, the two new knowledge keepers took turns to introduce themselves to the members.
  Next on the schedule was the keynote speech. First, Mr. Sun Ta-lun, presented a speech on the "Gender Mainstreaming". He first explained that gender equality refers to equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities between men and women, while recognizing the diversity of different groups. He then mentioned the important gender quality promotion works undertaken by the Gender Equality Diversion, Executive Yuan, stating the current population structure of "men outnumbering women" and the tertiary education rate of women aged below 39 being higher than that of men in the same age bracket, although women's labor participation rate remained lower than their salary. In terms of personal safety, victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment are usually women. The above data were analyzed to develop implementation plans and allocate budgets, while an impact assessment was conducted to ensure our country heads toward a happy society that respects diversity.
  Next, Mr. Chen Chih-chen, spoke on "Sharing of Changhua County Lujiang Elementary and Junior High School New School Premise Construction Review Feedback". The lecturer first explained the said new school premises construction case. Since the base is located near Lukang Town, the traditional prototype buildings in Lukang served as the starting point in response to climate and use needs, showing the new geographical style. The lecturer supplemented pictures and pointed out the court design with leisure and result performance functions, while the corridor connected the teaching space. Finally, the speaker said that, in the course of the process, good advice and counseling to be provided. However, the public sector, clearly, gives too little time to architects. It is a pity that the design momentum is compressed only to accommodate administrative procedures and details.
  Next, Mr. Lin Fang-ming, spoke on "The Introduction of Regulations of Grading Housing Performance". He first said the Housing Act clearly stipulates that central competent authorities shall establish a residential performance evaluation system in order to enhance residential safety and quality. Residential performance assessment is a specific and quantitative non-mandatory regulation. The assessment is based on eight performance categories, including structural safety, fire safety, accessibility, air environment, light environment, sound environments, energy saving, and housing maintenance. The lecturer said that the foreseeable future applications of residential performance assessments will take into account the constructors' trend to ensure more open and transparent residential quality using fair and objective assessment criteria, providing consumers with reference indicators.
  After the speech, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying presented a gift to the speakers on behalf of the foundation. Then, attendees expressed and exchanged their opinions and views during the piggy hour. The June Archilife Public Policy Communion ended smoothly.