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Winter Living Experience Camp 2016
責任編輯: maya2002  發布日期 : 2016-02-17  點閱: 1190 次     友善列印轉寄好友
  The 2016 Winter Living Experience Camp was held from January 25 to 29 for five days four nights with the participation of 9 interns. The Camp was organized around the themes – local culture and community development, and knowledge of money. For local culture and community development, Mr. Chuang Hao-hsiung, an experienced tour guide for Shuangxi, was especially invited to guide the interns. Starting from the Shuangxi train station, he gave a detailed description of stores, cultural development in the streets, and ecology of flora, fauna, rivers and migratory birds along the way. To learn about local culture and community development, the interns also went to Jiaoxi under the guidance of Ms. Lu Ming-yun. The interns learned about cultural development and the origin of the name "Jiaoxi" at the tourist center, and had fun soaking their feet in the hot spring area.

  Mr. Chen Po-ling, a lecturer from The Nine Fruits Cultural and Creative organization, was invited to teach the interns about money. Through animation and reiteration of keywords, interns were able to memorize the tools of financial management. To convey the correct concept of financial management, interns were told to think about what are the "wants" and "needs" in their life. The interns also had fun learning through games designed by the organization. For the Camp's everyday applications, Ms. Lu Ming-yun taught the interns how to steam delicious radish cake by using simple ingredients; Mr. Tsai Meng-chieh taught the interns about strike direction and seismic waves by using a seismometer and mini game; Mr. Lin De-en gave an introduction of weather phenomena in everyday living and taught the interns how to observe clouds outdoors; Mr. Lin Wen-hung talked about photo composition by using high-quality photographs and allowed the interns to participate in actual photo-taking; and finally, Mr. Liu Ding-chyu taught the interns about preventing cyber fraud and protecting their own safety through an award-winning film on information security.

  A series of group activities was also organized during the breaks between courses. There were fun and interesting exercises every morning. On the second and fourth evening, interns participated in the "Wormhole Bookish Assembly". Through videoconferencing, the interns felt as if they were present at the assembly venue and everyone listened to the book reports attentively. On the last day of the activity, the counselors graded each intern based on their test scores, class assignments and tidiness of their rooms. Finally, three interns with the highest scores were awarded prizes as encouragement and acknowledgement of their performance, and the other interns also received souvenirs. It is hoped that they will bring home valuable knowledge and wonderful memories of the Camp. Finally, everyone bid farewell to each other and was looking forward to the next Camp.