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Sketch of Public Policy Communion, December 2023
責任編輯: cathy  發布日期 : 2024-01-15  點閱: 200 次     友善列印轉寄好友

  The December Archilife Public Policy Communion of 2023 was held on December 17, 2023. After a series of relaxing and fun activities, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying made the following announcement, "On December 13, the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) came to an end. The official UN resolution calls for moving away from fossil fuels in response to the severe disasters brought on by climate change, marking a historic advance. While the chip war between the US and China continues, Taiwan plays an important role in the rivalry between China and the US. Since the global supply of semiconductors is impacted by the situation in the Taiwan Strait, keeping peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait has drawn attention from all around the world. The countdown to Taiwan's 2024 presidential election has begun. Every party's candidates hold varying political stances. It is critical that we all value our right to vote in democratic political elections and thoroughly consider our options before deciding which is best for Taiwan." Later on, the new knowledge keeper introduced themself to the members. Gift was also presented to the new knowledge keeper's referrer: Engineering keeper Mr. Lo Yu-yao to show encouragement and gratitude.

  Next on the schedule was the keynote speech. First, Ms. Sun Ruei-suei presented a speech on the "ESG2.0 Global Carbon Reduction, Trend and Investment: Beginning with a Discussion on the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28)". The speaker first stated that the global ESG transformation has progressed to Version 2.0. In addition to compliance with laws and regulations, sustainable green economy also needs to be established. At the current UN Climate Change Conference (COP28), the resolutions include: focusing on energy transformation and the research and development of new energy. This will extend Taiwan green energy industry's market scale; the damage compensation funds will be implemented, such as victim nations Tuvalu and the future of the Marshall Islands; emphasis on climate-induced disasters and diseases, aging issues; emphasis on carbon credits and carbon trading markets; emphasis on the importance of sustainable investment, gender equality, and gender inclusion. The speaker finally urged all to love the earth, rescue mankind, and be the responsible entrepreneurs and world citizens amid green economic transformation!

  Next, Mr. Chou Po-cheng spoke on "The Local Practice of Archilife's Symbiosphere". The speaker mentioned that, when working as a community planner in Pingtung County, Archilife's sustainability concept was incorporated into the design. In practice, in response to population aging, the all-age symbiotic design has been used to persuade young people to return to their home town; local ecological tours and cultural revival have been carried out; and the core regions of population outfluxes have been reutilized. The speaker then emphasized community planning and budgets. Inspections are conducted twice a year, with payments made in installments to maintain the momentum of continual community growth. According to the speaker, community cohesion in Pingtung County has been gathered with the cooperation of local experts. In recent years, it has also been recognized by the Yuanye Award repeatedly, allowing the community to cultivate confidence and have more motivation to continue to move forward.

  Next, Ms. Yeh Jiuan-reng spoke on "The Generational Voice-An Ethnic Music Documentary". The speaker first said that the Ministry of Culture released days ago the "Plan for Historical and Cultural Asset Maintenance and Development" and the "1 plus 4-T-content plan". It is hoped to contribute to cultural heritage and revitalization. Global culture and cultural heritage preservation are among the SDGs for towns and communities. As a result, it is critical that measures for the long-term development of Taiwanese music continue to be carried out and passed on through education. The speaker recognized four researchers who have made significant contributions to Taiwan's music preservation: Mr. Kurosawa Takatomo, Mr. Lu Ping-chuan, Mr. Hsu Chang-hui, and Mr. Wu Jung-shun. The recent "Generational Voice-An Ethnic Music Documentary" event revealed how much indigenous people value their ethnic language and cultural heritage, which resulted in the successful reproduction of historical memory through musical linkages.

  After the speech, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying presented a gift to the speakers on behalf of the foundation. Then, attendees expressed and exchanged their opinions and views during the piggy hour. The December Archilife Public Policy Communion ended smoothly.