發佈日期:  2015-04-26 @U@ 分類: 例會活動

Sketch of Archilife Study Tour, March 2015
  For the tour of March 7, 2015, Ms. Lu Ming-yun led 13 ARF interns and their parents on a tour to Hunei to learn about non-toxic erasers, and to Gangshan to learn about braised food and shadow puppetry. At the start of the day's activities, team leader Ms. Lu Ming-yun reminded everyone about things to note and what to observe, and gave the interns some background knowledge.

  The morning's itinerary brought everyone to FLOMO Stationery Museum–the first stationery-theme tourism factory in southern Taiwan. Its founder visited many tourism factories to learn from their experiences, and then took two years to plan and build the museum. In recent years, the museum has endeavored to promote non-toxic erasers in schools, teaching more children to care for our planet Earth. The tour guide started by introducing the history of the museum and bringing everyone to see the pencil case wrapping machine, explaining the development and changes in the process of stationery manufacturing. The tour guide also demonstrated the developing 3D printing technology, and explained the relation between production time and granule size, opening the interns' eyes to a new world of technology. In addition to eco-friendly non-toxic erasers, the tour guide also showed everyone a simple method to differentiate between toxic and non-toxic erasers using a specially made lighter and ordinary adhesive tape. He also conveyed the concept of keeping erasers instead of disposing them, as it is a gesture of kindness toward Earth. The entire tour was not only enriching and interesting, the non-toxic erasers were generously given away as gifts during the quiz, leaving a deep impression in everyone's mind.

  Lunch was special braised food set meal at the Taiwan Soya-Mixed Meat Museum. During lunch, everyone also watched a video presentation showing how the founder used to be a braised food stall vendor in a night market 20 years ago and had worked very hard to achieve his success, becoming one of the top 10 tourism factories rated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. After an enjoyable lunch, the tour guide introduced the origin and principle of preserving braised foods, and essential Chinese herbs contained in an herb bag. Finally, everyone proceeded to make DIY “golden eggs”. After learning how to identify the air chamber in an egg, they were able to make delicious golden eggs. The next leg of the afternoon's itinerary was Kaohsiung Museum of Shadow Puppet, which was just a short bus ride away. Shadow puppetry was introduced into southern Taiwan from Chaozhao, China, three hundred years ago. Since then, Kaohsiung has become an important base for shadow puppetry. On that particular day, the tour guide was also a member of the shadow puppetry troupe. Besides introducing everyone to precious puppets showcased at the museum, the tour guide also shared her own experience and fun moments during the making of shadow puppets. At this point, the day's itinerary came to an end. Everyone boarded the bus to Taipei after taking a group photo and looked forward to the next study tour.