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Sketch of Public Policy Communion, April 2020
責任編輯: cathy  發布日期 : 2020-05-26  點閱: 715 次     友善列印轉寄好友

  The Archilife Research Foundation held the April Public Policy Communion on April 26, 2020. In order to defend against COVID-19 epidemic, the Wormhole on the 3rd floor of "Chang-An Tower" was used as the main venue for Archilife members to participate on-site. In addition, through the online virtual conference room and online live broadcast of activities, the Archilife members were provided with a digitalized mode of participation. Additionally, in consideration to the risk of the speaker’s remote commuting, one of the speakers Mr. Wang Min-Chou reported through video connections. Secretary General Huang Chin-ying made the following announcement, "In response to the impact of the epidemic, digitalized meetings were added to echo Archilife’s concept of digital symbiosis as the new direction of civilization. At the Chang-An Tower, Archilife’s advanced digital deployment contributed to the successful holding of the meeting where important issues were discussed with everyone. On top of it all, in view of the past SARS experience, Taiwan has achieved outstanding performance in the global epidemic prevention work. Also, since the Central Epidemic Command Center established order since the beginning and continued to correct and improve matters, eventually leading to the duplication of the successful experience. Therefore, Archilife members are requested to continue to accumulate knowledge and keep abreast of Archilife’s beliefs : "Order, Progress, Replication" in order to become a role model for all lines of work. Finally, she reminded everyone to be ready for the long-term battle in the face of the harsh test from the four knights of doomsday. It is especially necessary to act cautiously nad conservatively, observe the surrounding changes and act accordingly."
  Next on the schedule was the keynote speech. First, Ms. Cheng Wei-ning, presented a speech on the "Archilife Living Special Team Meeting Implementation Report for the Second Half of 2019". The speaker first said that the global climate change has shown the trend of turbulence, and the resulting hygiene and health issues have caused serious threats to the world. The recent spread of COVID-19 has further caused social unrest. In this stage, the climate trend changes are under observation, with Archilife Sub-Shield Center as the base in preparation for vertical migrations. On the issues discussed, first, the extreme weather and disease coping strategies were explored, prioritizing the establishment of a pre-warning system and the creation of environmental management and disease prevention operating manuals. Secondly, the verification migration plans, wild vegetable planting plans, wilderness camp and summer camp training, and community symbiosis strategies in response to climate change were discussed. After formulating the coping plans above, specific actions were subsequently taken. In addition to strengthening the Archilife Sub-Shield Center ability to cope with climate change and the conditions as an evacuation base or a second office, the preparations for future vertical migration are also underway.
  Next, Mr. Wang Min-Chou spoke on "Winner of the Sustainability Awards". The speaker first mentioned that he received the Sustainability awards in 2009 for the theme "Blue Ocean Strategy of Kenting National Park Sustainability Development-Promotion partnerships through Ecotourism". In addition to keeping in line with the management trends of the contemporary protection zones, the concept of biodiversity conservation has been successfully marketed. Under the leadership of President Lin Chun-Hsing the same year, training targeting environmental ethics and sustainable development issues has also been conducted. The speaker also introduced the 2019 "National Sustainability Development Awards" recipients (units) and used the Chuang Foo Foundation, Northeast and Yilan Coast National Science Area Administration, and the National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare as examples to introduce sustainable development related work provided by the units. Although the unrecognized Dadushan National Face Mask Team offered tremendous help during the epidemic, since the factories on the agricultural land are mostly illegal, they have not been awarded. Lastly, the speaker mentioned the "human-centered health and sustainable earth" viewpoint: Sustainability can only continue to be promoted through health. He also called on everyone to continue to accumulate knowledge to assist in Taiwan’s sustainable development and enable Taiwan to further assist in sustainable development globally.

  After the speech, Secretary General Huang Chin-ying presented a gift to the speakers on behalf of the foundation. Then, attendees expressed and exchanged their opinions and views during the piggy hour. The April Archilife Public Policy Communion ended smoothly.